57th Fighter Group Restaurant
Photos of Our Favorite Restaurant

This restaurant, decorated as if it were an Italian farmhouse taken over by the 57th Fighter Group during World War II,
was a favorite of my husband and myself. We would usually go there for holidays such as
Mother's Day. We had no connection with the management of this restaurant, we just enjoyed
the decor, the period music, and the food--and James liked the airplanes coming and going at
the small municipal airport it overlooks.

I've heard critics put down 57th Fighter Group because it is apparently "a chain"--
the company that created it has some other themed restaurants,
including one in Florida which is a French farmhouse during World War I--
but James and I thought that food was quite good, and the atmosphere, however planned, was lovely.
We haven't gone in years, and have no idea of the food quality now.


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